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Name:Hank Crawford ☆ Texas
Birthdate:Mar 2
Location:Zephyr, Texas, United States of America
Website:Have a question?

Hank Crawford
The State of Texas
Admitted to the United States of America on December 29, 1845
Birthday: March 2 (Declared independence from Mexico), December 29 (Date annexed into the United States)
Age: Somewhere around a millennium and a half or so
Age by Appearance: Mid to Late Twenties
Motto: Friendship


Texas long ago got tried of counting his age. It just made him feel too old, but he does keep track of the centuries…vaguely. He doesn’t like sharing his age with others, but if pushed, he will admit to just remembering when Indians first started using bows and arrows, back when he was called “Taysha”. For those that go to the trouble of looking this information up, it puts Texas’ age in the neighborhood of some one thousand and some odd centuries, at least.

The first people he can remember aside from the various Native American tribes that inhabited his area pre-European involvement are the French and Spanish. The first Spanish settlers came around in 1528 and didn't last long. General remoteness and hostility from the native tribes discouraged real efforts to settle until 1716 (previous to that, the French made a settlement, Spain made a settlement in retaliation to make their territory, they both left, and when France began settling Louisiana, Spain made another effort, starting with San Antonio in 1716).

He is fluent in both French and Spanish as a result of these settlements, though he tries to keep his skills with French downplayed. He considers the influence the French had on him to be minimal, despite whatever historians consider the truth to be. In his most honest moments, only to himself, will he admit that he remembers the French missions and settlers clearly, and he loved hearing them speak.

However, he fully recognizes the tremendous influence Spain and Mexico had on him. His history with Spain and Mexico is something he doesn’t like to think about, much less discuss with others. It’s a mix of good and bad, but the bad especially sticks out in his mind, as he did greatly like Mexico when he was a boy, even though he had been forcefully taken from his tribe and family to be a missionary.

In 1821, Texas joined with Mexico to help fight the country's war for independence from Spain. Part of this was to help Mexico, who Texas had come to regard as a brother and look up to, and part of it was to attempt to win the country's favor and that of a woman he had become quite taken with, the area of Coahuila. At the war's end in 1824, Texas married Coahuila, and they became the state of Coahuila y Tejas.

As time went on, though, Texas became disillusioned with Mexico- he suffered attacks and raids by Indian tribes, and he and his wife would often be stuck dealing with problems on their own, due to their general remoteness to the rest of the country. There was a great deal of unrest. In the 1830s, talk started of breaking away, becoming independent. Texas himself was reluctant to resort to that so quickly, and first tried diplomatic means of solving their troubles. This, however, didn't work out. Revolts cropped up. In 1835, Texas and Coahuila had a child (who would later grow up to be the Texas Nationalist Movement)- It was almost a signal to the vast changes about to happen.

In late 1835, the first armed conflict occurred, which determined Texas to get independence. At this time, Coahuila left Texas and their child and joined the Republic of the Rio Grande. This infuriated and confused Texas to a breaking point, driving him to fight and win independence at whatever cost. The Texas Revolution is a bloody blur to him, though he does sharply remember the battle of the Alamo (almost specifically because he was not there to protect San Antonio) and General Sam Houston's support and friendship.

While he hates to even attempt to remember much of that time, Texas still sees his revolution as a justified course of action and something that needed to happen, and further insists that Mexico betrayed him first. He still harbors a great deal of resentment and general bad feelings towards Mexico, and his former wife, and has no plans on ever attempting to reconcile at present.

Texas and Mexico continued to fight, even after Texas’ Republic had been formed. While this was going on, the United States of America began to take an interest in annexing the new Republic. Texas himself was torn- he turned to his people for a decision, but half wanted to be an independent country, and the other half wanted to join America. Texas eventually decided, with the help of Sam Houston, that his hard fought for Republic would be annexed to America to save himself, his cities and his people. While it really had to happen for the republic to survive, he was still stubborn about it. He even dragged his feet on learning English, despite his people largely already speaking it. Still, he gave in and followed his law makers and people in their desires for annexation.

Which was easier said than done. It took three tries, but the annexation went through, making Texas the twenty-eighth state of the United States of America.

After his annexation, Texas worked, determined to be an asset to America, in a sort of repayment. He did not get nearly as close to America as he did Mexico, but he worked hard all the same. He did feel very bad about getting wrapped up with the Confederacy in the Civil War and fighting the one who had saved his family, but he saw as another thing he he had to do to protect his rights and that of his people, though it did end badly for him. He still feels very strongly about state's rights.

In the early 1900s, oil was discovered in his area. This resulted in the beginning of an economic boom that was hit very hard by the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. In World War II, Texas grew and greatly diversified, and this continued after the war. From this came the military bases, colleges, hospitals and such that Texas is known for having today. The state has grown even more since then, and is very proud of it.


If asked about his personality, Texas would describe himself simply. He's not one to talk about himself. If pressed, he's a cowboy, a conservative. And then, one who doesn't take too kindly to pushy types, you might wanna mosey along unless ya got some real business to discuss, pard'. Many see him as simple. A boring Southern cowboy that doesn't care about anything but conservative politics and what goes on inside his borders. Executions? His hobby. The Old West? His playground. What's important to him? Money, his God, and making sure no one but a man and woman can get married.

In other words, a walking stereotype.


Well, the stereotype had to come from somewhere, didn't it? ...Okay alot of it really has been exaggerated over the years, but Texas likes the tall tales the best. Because they're taller.

Texas holds his own set of opinions and lets few people cast any sway on them. His opinion of himself is rather high. Self esteem problems are not problems he has. He knows he is awesome, strong, smart, good looking, etc., etc. He also knows that he is right, so good luck changing his mind. He is extremely stubborn, and only lets people who are very close to him have any influence on what he does or thinks. And then, it takes someone very important to him to even make him think about doing something differently from what he usually does.

He likes routine. He thrives on an unvarying, peaceful routine. He hates anything that interrupts his routine. His life when he was young was very chaotic- fights with other tribes when he was part of a Native American tribe, attacks by those tribes when he was a missionary, not having regular meals or a roof over his head, and then wars- He likes peace. To him, peace means everything is alright, noone is in danger. It's quiet and uneventful and he likes it that way, thank you very much.

He is very much old fashioned. He holds doors, pulls out chairs, tips his hat, says "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am" and if two men can't settle something peacefully, they can settle it behind triggers. His thoughts on justice are similar: if you break the law, you have no rights. You disrespected the system that gave you rights. You don't deserve them. If you killed someone, guess what? He thinks you should get killed back. In fact, up until hanging and firing ranges went out of style, he was an executioner. He's been part of more than one lynching, none of which were uncalled for in his eyes, but he would admit were illegal all the same. While he doesn't tend to take the law into his own hands anymore, he does hold the same ideas.

And don't get him started on how the present penal and execution systems are these days. Not unless you have a while to listen to the man talk.

As for his inward focus... Texas doesn't take any pains in showing that he cares for his cities, his brothers and sisters, more than anyone else. Family is more important than anything to him, including other countries, international relations, and even America and the other states. He sees other countries as America's department anyway. Texas doesn't want anyone else horning in on his work, he isn't going to horn in on anyone elses...unless they really screw up.

He tries to keep his distance from anyone but his cities, and even with them, he can hold himself back. This is partly because he doesn't want to burden them with his personal issues and feelings, and partly because he simply doesn't want to get hurt. He is apt to tell people he cares about small fibs to keep them from worrying about something.

Some things, however, are things he will keep doing, like drinking and smoking and being a cowboy, no matter how much people worry. Smoking is very much his chief vice- It soothes his nerves, and keeps a side of him he hates repressed when he's stressed. Then of course, there's the chemical dependency and oral fixation that has developed. Drinking is more of a habit as well, especially when it comes to tequila. It's another soothing thing; Rarely does he drink to just get drunk.

While Texas does take a great deal of pride in himself, there is a side to his personality he isn't proud of. It's a part of him he tries to keep repressed and forget about and just...not acknowledge unless he has to. That is his anger. When Texas gets angry, it practically blinds him to anything but winning whatever he is part of or besting whatever circumstance caused the anger. The first instance of this anger was caused by his wife leaving him, resulting in his war for independence from Mexico. It wasn't the only cause, but it is what kept him going and kept him fighting so fiercely. It's a side of him that comes out often during war, especially if he himself is fighting. It's a mjor partof the reason he prefers his life peaceful and simple.

As for politics, he is very conservative minded, though he is of the opinion that ultimately what happens with the laws in his area are up to his people and not him. It's his job to make sure that what they want to happen happens, regardless of his personal politics. This leads to him sometimes not having his own opinion on things- He has the opinion of his people on his mind so much, he doesn't think about what his own feelings are. There are times when he doesn't want to be a state, when he just wants to be his own man and live for himself instead of others, but those spells are few and far between, and he snaps out of them usually pretty quickly.

He does still wonder sometimes, though. He wonders.

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